Step 3: Analyzing Your Competition


Analytics research is at the very core of successful website creation and competitor analysis research is not excluded. You must know your competition as well as how to differentiate yourself in the spectrum of competition if you are going to soar at building an audience. Let your unique qualifications be the prism that separates and displays your colors on the web.


Step 4: Building Great Navigational Structure

navigational structure ideas
Have you ever plugged in an address in a GPS and found that it has taken you down some dark alley - out of which you have no idea to find a way out? You frantically search for your location, while you wish you had one of those signs that states "you are here."  Well, you guessed it- you don't want to do that to your site visitors. Remember- you are building an audience!

A website is built around its navigational structure. It's almost impossible to start designing  until you have organized your content and chosen a good way to present it. If you choose Micron.492 to design your website, it will come with ease,  because I will do it for you or alongside you. Either way - you make the final decisions, so keep reading. 


Step 5: Evaluating your Website

Website developmentAfter launch, don't forget to evaluate your website for usability. How does your site navigate? Are there any issues?  Google analytics is the premier software for analyzing users, landing and exiting pages and click through traffic on your site. Why not take advantage of it and learn as much as you can?  

Jakob Nielson, from Nielson Norman Group recommends a company spend on average 10% on usability and states that

"On average, this will more than double a website's desired quality metrics and slightly less than double an intranet's quality metrics."


 We can have great graphics and wonderful products services but Nielson states simply that if a site is not usable,  people leave.


Creating highly functional semi-custom websites which are

customer focused, data driven, and beautifully designed. 


I can digitally portray your company's core values, mission and vision so that it is alligns with the overall marketing strategy,  attracts a larger audience, is targeted to your niche market and increases customers.