Step 2: Determine Audience Persona

Target your niche market

 If you have done the detailed work of defining the goals of your website- Great Job! The next step- creating audience personas - will be the backbone to crafting valuable content in order to engage your target audience and reach your niche market. It is not about gaining traffic to your website- the key point is to gain the right traffic- people you want to buy your products and use your services. This is your Niche Market.

By  crafting content directly targeted to your audience personas  and visitor profiles, you will be building an audience rather than gaining traffic. This is content marketing. Pete Prestipino from Website Magazine, states:

In order to get positive results from content marketing, you must first know your audience. This is why creating audience personas should be the first step when developing a content marketing strategy. - See more at Website Magazine 

An audience persona or profile is a detailed description of your ideal customer, your perfect picture of whom you would have visit your website. Once a description is in place for your perfect customer, you now can  target your audience in a much more effective way.

An audience persona is based on a conglomerate of information including detailed analytics of visitors to your site, visitor trends, social activity and general profiles of your audience. Detailed data is a good place to start. Analyze your google analytics if you already have a site up and running and need a redesign.

Find out what that audience searches, what is the traffic source, what are the highest ranking visitor pages on your site, what are they liking most about your site? What are the exit pages? If you find this daunting, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and I will do a detailed Google Analytics report and deliver a report in a few days.

Next, ask yourself questions about your ideal customer:

  •  What are there needs? How can I meet them?
  •  What is their motivation to buy?
  •  Where do they go to find information online?
  •  What kind of information are they looking for?
  •  What social sites are they on daily and what kind of questions do they post?
  •  What is their biggest frustration that you can solve?
  •  What are they searching for and what language are they using to search for that?

If you gather this information, combine it with detailed statistics, you are well on your way to building audience personas to which you can target your key website content and begin building an audience for you niche market rather than just gaining traffic.

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