5 Steps to a Website Design that Builds an Audience

www-2So you are ready to build a website and think that creating one yourself will keep more money in your pocket, right? After-all, you are a tech saavy business owner who started your business and knows exactly how to get things done. Maybe the email blast you just opened this morning claims it can get the job done for $200 or $5000 depending on the size of your business, and in the matter of two minutes you are caught up in the ‘race to the bottom’ (bottom price -that is)  and you think to yourself ‘why pay?’  If you do choose to 'do-it-yourself' or choose me, this is the process which I suggest you use to build your website. Most good web designers use a process, and your final product will be MUCH better if you do too! 



Step 1 : Define You Web Goals


In my previous post, I listed 5 steps to  web design that reaches your target audience. Today I want to elaborate on the first.

If you haven't already done so, sit down, take a deep breath, get a paper and pen and ask yourself a few questions- What do I really want? What are my mission and vision? If I could name 4 things that I want conveyed on the web, what would they be? When people come to my site, if I want them to have a good feel for my company- what is the emotion and thought that I want them to walk away with?

If you don’t think through these things than you run the risk of placing a website up on the web that in the end, will not meet your needs, nor build the audience that you really need. And think about it, that is your purpose.

Step 2: Determine Audience Persona

Target your niche market

 If you have done the detailed work of defining the goals of your website- Great Job! The next step- creating audience personas - will be the backbone to crafting valuable content in order to engage your target audience and reach your niche market. It is not about gaining traffic to your website- the key point is to gain the right traffic- people you want to buy your products and use your services. This is your Niche Market.



Creating highly functional semi-custom websites which are

customer focused, data driven, and beautifully designed. 


I can digitally portray your company's core values, mission and vision so that it is alligns with the overall marketing strategy,  attracts a larger audience, is targeted to your niche market and increases customers.