The MICRON.492 difference

MICRON.492 Website Design and Marketing creates highly functional and beautiful websites designed to rise above your competition. Working primarily in Connecticut and New York, I can extend my work area anywhere in the states or overseas to give you the product that displays your company's 'colors' brilliantly and beautifully.  

The term MICRON.492 technically signifies a wavelength of light. So what does this have to do with my web design company? ( I am so glad you asked! ) Visible light is not monochromatic. It refracts into all colors of the rainbow when shined through a prism.   0.492 Microns represents a distinct wavelength of light which when shone deeply into the ocean floor,  gives a brilliant blue color. And YOUR business is not monochromatic either, but it also has certain distinctives- It's so much more than meets the eye. As your web designer at MICRON.492, I want to create a web presence  which accurately and beautifully displays your 'colors', your uniqueness, and what makes shine beautifully. I the deep work necessary for your business to outshine your competition.

From start to finish, I will work with you to do preliminary research, define your objectives, create customer profiles and more to create a website that you makes you proud. Following a proven design process, MICRON.492 helps you fashion your website based on analyzing competition, visitor analytics, business trends and more.The final user based, customer focused web presence will give you success simply because all proper steps were taken to arrive at the goal-to both accurately display your company products or services and to target the correct audience.

Beautifully Designed, Highly Functional Websites- designed to display your 'colors' and outshine your competition. 

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Creating highly functional semi-custom websites which are

customer focused, data driven, and beautifully designed. 


I can digitally portray your company's core values, mission and vision so that it is alligns with the overall marketing strategy,  attracts a larger audience, is targeted to your niche market and increases customers.