About Joomla!

Joomla! is a highly popular Content Management System that is used by millions of people worldwide. With over 7000 extensions, it offers the ability to  create powerful and highly functional websites for educational, business, eCommerce websites and much more. It is able to handle just about any business need. Default templates have incredible structure, and are aesthetically captivating. Among top companies which have used Joomla for their websites are Pizza Hut, Kelloggs, MTV, Harvard University, the Alliance for Catholic Education- University of Notre Dame, Linux.

MICRON.492 creates semi-custom Joomla! websites, which are both stunning and highly functional, designed with the user in mind. Once online and installed, your website will be ready for most non- technical people to upkeep with some training.  You may utilize MICRON.492 design services to keep your site up to date and to ensure that you keep competitive in the market. 

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Creating highly functional semi-custom websites which are

customer focused, data driven, and beautifully designed. 


I can digitally portray your company's core values, mission and vision so that it is alligns with the overall marketing strategy,  attracts a larger audience, is targeted to your niche market and increases customers.